Personal Trainer: Lorrel Staton

Lorrel has operated out of Vertical Fitness since the facilities opened and has a steady stream of happy clients. She does still have some slots available and is also keen to work with people in group exercise classes and with their nutritional plans. Personal Trainers are a huge asset to anyone whether they:

  • have clear weight loss goals in mind
  • are intimidated by standard gym environments or require a little confidence boost to get them into group exercise classes
  • are worried about their diet, have weight issues or would just like to lead a healthier lifestyle in general
  • feel like their training regime has reached a plateau and need something to stimulate, challenge or inspire them
  • are training towards a specific target like a 10k, marathon, swimathon, tough mudder, or perhaps the couch to 5k
  • are looking for sports specific advice and support to help hone their skills and push on their career or serious hobby
  • prefer one on one training for whatever reason
  • are wanting rehabilitation after injury

Whatever your reasons for seeking out a personal trainer Lorrel can help.

DSC00921personal trainer Lorrel using kettlebells

At £20 per hour she is very competitive as well as approachable and supportive.  You can txt or ring her on: 07980292832.

Here is what Lorrel has to say about her experience to date as a personal trainer and what she can offer new clients:

I’m a level three personal fitness trainer who works closely with clients to achieve their goals and maximise their potential. I have a holistic approach to my sessions which means I incorporate lifestyle and nutritional advice to help change your whole approach to fitness and food! I spend my spare time fell running, competing in ultra runs, horse riding, and long walks with my dog. I’m in training at the moment for a 55 mile ultra run in march because I do like to challenge myself. In addition to personal training I run several circuit classes a week, the circuits are varied and challenging and I can adapt exercises to suit a variety of abilities. I’ll be shortly adding “pure stretch instructor” to my portfolio, this will enable clients to improve their flexibility and enjoy better mobility. I’m also working towards a qualification which will enable me to offer fitness classes to children as well,opening up opportunities for families to enjoy exercise together and to promote fitness for all ages as part of a daily life style. I am passionate about what I do and I love helping people reach their goals and amaze themselves in the process.