Weights Circuit

Meet your inner athlete
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A Hight Intensity Interval Training workout is exactly as is sounds with a focus of burning fat quicker than any other exercise regime around. In this approach to HITT we are delivering a weights circuit so there is a complete focus on resistance training rather than cardio. You get some cardio through the intensity of the weights circuit of course but there is no plyo or running. The instructor will push individuals to give their all and exceed their expectations.

Bodyweight exercises are used to push each muscle to the point of fatigue. We also use kettlebells, ropes, battling ropes, slam balls, suspension training, barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands, tyres, sledgehammers, sandbags and pull up bars. It is the ultimate full body workout perfect for shredding fat and building lean muscle. If you think you have what it takes to nail a high intensity weights circuit or want to get to the point where you do then this is the class for you. It caters for beginners through to pros with a simple adjustment of weight on each circuit station.


The Advantages of HIIT 
  • High intensity fat burning workout
  • A range of different exercises
  • Complete body workout
  • Hardcore abdominal exercises
  • Different muscles groups & approaches every week
  • Inspirational and supportive environment


Insanity Instructor called Jodie King


Jodie qualified as an official Insanity trainer the moment the international franchise hit the UK so she is very well versed in high intensity interval training. She has been teaching insanity classes for a year and is passionate about the results participants can achieve with regular attendance. HIIT workouts are like no other in that they push you to your absolute limits and then get that little bit more out of you. Jodie will support your journey to a whole new level of training that will increase your fitness, build lean muscle and leave you sweaty, shattered and immensely satisfied with your achievements.