Stretch & Abs

Complete Flexibility Training
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Stretch is a class that we could probably all do with attending. For all the time you spend in fitness classes, doing outdoors activities, or in the gym, you should really match it with a thorough stretch routine. Stretch ensures are muscles maintain their flexibility which in turn ensures that are body hold its natural alignment. An absence of stretching in your workout can quickly lead to injury as well as common pains and stiffness in the lower back, back of the legs, across the top of the back and in the neck area. These are compounded by our daily jobs whether that entails manual labour or being sat in front of a computer for long hours. We throw in some abs because that core needs working from every direction to get it solid and strong and support alignment. So, stretch and abs is the perfect combination.

Our stretch classes are designed to maintain proper posture, joint alignment, and muscle flexibility. They target issues caused by repetitive training and general lifestyle factors such as career, stress, eating habits and sitting positions. Our team of dedicated instructors will guide you through a progressive stretching course promoting developmental stretching. This is a style of stretching that increases the flexibility and range of motion in muscles by encouraging them to relax and then holding them for progressively longer periods of time. The same applies to the ab work that will be developed on a weekly basis so that holds can be held for longer strengthening those obliques, central abs and back muscles.


The Advantages of Stretching
  • Great range of motion in muscles and joints
  • Decrease in muscular aches and pains
  • Ability to perform moves reliant on a higher level of flexibility
  • No equipment required so learnt moves can then be performed at home to improve progression
  • Quicker recovery post exercise
  • Greater posture alignment


These classes will be taught by Heather Pepper, Sarah Myers and Lorrel Staton.