Pole Tricks & Combos

Tricks, Flips & Combos
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Pole Tricks and Combos

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This class is only suitable for those pole dancers who can safely lift into an invert. Each week we will look at different tricks, climbs, drops, flips, handstands and combinations of the aforementioned. This will be a mixed ability class with regressions and progressions for each move.
Yes there are some tricks and flips that are a little heart stopping but you will not do those until you can execute others with ease and feel safe and confident progressing onto them. The instructor will provide variations when you do not feel comfortable attempting something but this class is designed to start on the edge of your comfort zone.    

What do you need?

          • Plenty of skin for grip
          • A water bottle and maybe an energy drink
          • £5 for the class or a pole membership
We supply towels and there are facilities to get changed in as well as a water fountain to top up your bottle or you can use the cups provided. We also sell hot soups and coffee for those wintry evenings.