Pole Flow

Fluidity - Glide through routines
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Pole Flow 8 weeks £35 Max 10 places available

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This is a choreography based course focusing on movement and flow. This will incorporate floor moves, certain gymnastic style moves and acro balance. This class is suitable for all levels as each choreographed song has alternate moves for various levels and can be choreographed to your individual skill set. This class is about making the way you move around the pole feel less clunky and more natural.
The idea is that all those strength moves you love to learn can flow seamlessly into one another with grace and beauty. This class embraces the dance element of pole and brings it to the fore so that everyone can feel more at home with their sexy, flowing or even just controlled side. Men are equally as welcome as men as we will put a more masculine touch to the transition moves on request. No excuses gentlemen – you too can look elegant and quite breathtaking on a pole should you wish to!    

What do you need?

          • Suitable pole attire and layers to keep you warm after
          • A bottle of water
          • £35 for the 8 week course or a pole membership
We supply towels and there are facilities to get changed in as well as a water fountain to top up your bottle or you can use the cups provided. We also sell hot soups and coffee for those wintry evenings.