Intermediate Pole Dancing

Intermediate Pole Dancing

Intermediate & Improvers Pole
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Intermediate – 8 wk Course £35 Max 10 places available

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This is an intermediate pole dancing class based in Gainsborough. Develop existing skills and begin to see all the amazing things your body is capable of. From inverting and learning more complex combinations of spins you will see your strength grow along with your skill set, finishing with a routine to amalgamate and showcase your developing skills.
By the time you hit intermediate level you will feel comfortable inverting and hopefully you will feel more self assured in your own skin. That means that you can put on your shorts and start making magical shaped on the pole from cupids and leg hangs to goddesses and knee holds. Every new pole move will bring you greater strength, flexibility and fuel your new found addiction to all things pole. At this level we help students to start and push their boundaries and attempt moves that take time and patience to perfect. The superman is a prime example of a move that could take 3 attempts to nail or three months, or even three years.
Every pole dancer is different and that is why the discipline is so varied, beautiful and exciting. So if you cannot get one move you have time to practice it while you excel at others. At Vertical we teach foundation moves at intermediate level that need to be nailed before you move on because those are what we are certain enables you to progress, be safe and avoid injury later on. If you are up for a challenge and want to start crafting your own pole journey and find out where your strengths lie then this is the course for you!

What do you need?

      • Shorts and shorter shorts if you are ready to show more skin
      • A bottle of water
      • £35 for the intermediate course or a pole membership
We supply towels and there are facilities to get changed in as well as a water fountain to top up your bottle or you can use the cups provided. We also sell hot soups and coffee for those wintry evenings.
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