Drop In Pole

Drop In Pole

Perfect The Moves You Already Know
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Drop In Pole - Membership or £5 a Class

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This class is all about you pushing yourself as a pole student and working on everything you have learnt to date. The moves you have been shown on your courses and in other classes can be worked on a perfected. Instructors will be on hand to help you remember what you have been working on and assist with spotting and refining technique.  
Generally new moves will not be taught unless you feel like you really need to master something or want another move to complete a combination. Instructors are there to motivate and assist you so you can get the best out of yourself so do not hesitate to get their attention. You will learn how to spot fellow students so that you can work on moves yourselves in classes and keep pushing each other as you advance on your pole journey.    

What do you need?

          • Suitable pole attire and layers to keep you warm after
          • A water bottle
          • A pole membership or £5 for the class
We supply towels and there are facilities to get changed in as well as a water fountain to top up your bottle or you can use the cups provided. We also sell hot soups and coffee for those wintry evenings.