Bop It!

What is Bop It?

That's a bloomin good question. It is a Vertical creation (we created it). A mash up of 80s tunes and 80s outdoor activities. It is designed to make sure you have a shed load of fun, lots of giggles and work out without even realising what you are doing!

So, what will you do?

  • You will race each other on Space Hoppers once you have got the hang of them and bounced around like a teenager with a big grin on your face.
  • You will hop about on a hopper which is the toy on the homepage banner. You clamp the bouncy ball between your feet and work hard on plyo, balance and cardio. Plyo is an industry word that essentially means jumping!
  • You will walk around on stilts - or stilt tubs (remember them?) and burn your thighs and bum as you balance yourself and hold a squat like walking position.
  • You will balance on racers which are like a mini stepper. It has a mind of its own so balance and core stability are working hard here - it also works the hamstrings and other leg muscles (calves and quads).
  • You will master hula hoops all over again with an adult sized weighted hula hoop designed to work those obliques.
  • You will do a little bit of skipping because skipping was big in the 80s - we call it jump rope these days and take it very seriously!
  • You will hop on one leg as you spin a ball around to jump over and start to build a sweat with mini jumps.
  • And as you will go around in pairs so you can have a laugh with others and feel at home you will also have a fast paced game of swing ball.
  • In the Summer we will crack out the pogo stick and scooters so you can race around like loons in the fresh air and work that cardio fitness.
The whole time 80s tunes will be banging out and you are entirely welcome to dress for the occasion!

Does that sound like fun?

Classes are £4 - If you miss the 80s or simply miss a bit of what you had in childhood then come and have a laugh and get some fitness in to boot!