Dynamic exercises class
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Bootcamp classes are interval training orientated workouts that utilise hardcore training equipment like battling ropes, tyres, climbing ropes, slam balls and suspension equipment. It is a mixture of high intensity cardio and strength training for an all over body workout designed to improve body posture, increase strength and endurance while pushing you to your limits. It is suitable for beginners who will be allocated alternative exercises until they develop the strength and fitness to progress further. Bootcamp classes are renowned for being hardcore sweaty affairs and these are no exception - but they also accommodate beginners and people returning from injury - because everyone has to start somewhere!


The Advantages of Bootcamp 
  • Interval training at its best
  • Strength training
  • Weight loss
  • Beginner to advanced exercises
  • New weekly personal challenges
  • Fantastic team spirit

Class Trainers

Instructor Jodie King

Jodie King

  Jodie has been teaching circuits, bootcamp and interval training orientated workouts for over 10 years. She has delivered fitness sessions to over 60 martial arts students and doesn't shy away from motivating her classes to push harder and strive for more. Bootcamps are ideal for mixed ability classes as each individual can set themselves personal challenges and get into their zone each week to reach set targets. Jodie loves using equipment that simulates everyday movements so you are strengthening and stretching the tendons and ligaments as well as those core muscle groups. Slam balls, sledgehammers and battling ropes are all great for targeting those areas that many often overlook with their traditional weight training approach.