Advanced Pole

Advanced Pole

For Advanced students
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Advanced – 8 wk course £35 Max 10 places available

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Building on existing skills, you will learn new moves, how to progress existing ones, and increase your catalogue of moves. This differs from the Beginner and Intermediate format as the finished routine that amalgamates your learning will be designed and choreographed by you.
This is your chance to showcase everything you have learnt and truly express yourself. You are able to perform your advanced routine in front of the other students if you wish. Advanced does not mean that you will stop learning; it is more the acceptance that you will be continually learning. As you decide what to put in your final routine, what moves and music suit your style, you will see how far you have come and also how much more you can learn. .
You will learn from your fellow students as they try a different approach to you and get a great grounding in all of the strands of pole dancing and pole fitness. The sensual and sexy side, the sporty and fitness side, the tricks, flips and heart stopping spectacle and the emotive, performance driven story telling side. Whatever pole means to you – this is your chance to show the world and stamp a little thread of the whole industry with your name. What kind of pole dancer are you? Take the advanced course to find out!

What do you need?

          • Short shorts and short top for more advanced moves as skin will be needed for grip
          • A water bottle is advised and maybe an energy drink
          • £35 for the Advanced course or a pole membership
We supply towels and there are facilities to get changed in as well as a water fountain to top up your bottle or you can use the cups provided. We also sell hot soups and coffee for those wintry evenings.