Are You Vitamin D Deficient? Tired, Drained, Flat?

natalie randall

As a fitness instructor I encounter a whole host of issues that prevent people from exercising at worst and make exercise hard for them at best. We call these barriers to exercise but in truth they are blockers to our enjoyment of life in general – they are not necessarily exercise specific. Now I am […]

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Is Sugar Stopping You From Losing Weight?

sweets full of sugar that are not ideal for losing weight

So many of us state almost every single day of our lives that we need a sugar fix. It is something we joke about and use as a necessary crutch to get us through our stressful working day. But is sugar potentially more dangerous than say alcohol, more addictive than drugs, and quite possible mankind’s greatest […]

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Make Sure Your Weight Loss Survives the Hype

weight loss top tips image

A lovely Infographic by a company called Revive Health Care all about weight loss, covering those top tips to keep you on track with those weight loss goals. It is not an easy journey and there are five aps here you can use to help keep you pushing towards those targets. There are also some lovely […]

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