Interview With The Incredibly Slinky Sexy Sarah Blackmilk

Sarah popped by a few weeks ago now to roll around our floors and teach us all to embrace the spirit of the slinky. It was a fun, super well structured and really enjoyable trio of workshops. Sarah is such an intuitive instructor and brims with passion and patience in equal measure. The workshops are […]

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Pole Dancing: Developing your own Fantastic Style

sexy pole dancer on pole

I have been pole dancing for 7 years. And yet it is only recently that I discovered that I have a pole dancing style.  About 12 months ago, me and a friend were practicing together in my home, and I noticed that the way she executed her moves was very different than the way I […]

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Interview: Talking Inspiration with Pole Dancer Sarah Scott

sarah scott workshop

The international instructor and performer needs little introduction. I could put that Sarah Scott is an XPERT Master trainer teaching workshops around the world, won Miss Pole Dance UK in 2012 as well as the Pro Drama category at Pole Theatre UK but ultimately the industry knows her as just a lovely person. Someone who […]

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Sarah Myers: One Pole Dancer’s Story

sarah myers pole dancer

I started Pole Dancing in 2008, shortly before my 31st Birthday. I was generally unfit, and had no dance or gymnastic or even any real exercise background. If I’m being honest, I’ll admit that I hate exercising. I tried all sorts of exercise classes, but it was mostly because my friend Trina wanted to get […]

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