Boxing Technique: Delivering The Perfect Punch | Part 1

woman boxing - perfect punch

Here is part 1 of a monster blog of perfecting your punch technique. It looks at fitness levels, style of punch, safety, speed, focus, power and strength. Everything you need to enhance your training in this specific area and make sure you are punching to the best of your potential. Part 2 will follow next […]

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Britain’s Got Talent Visits Gainsborough

Britain's Got Talent Logo

Well it is not everyday you can say that Britain’s Got Talent is visiting your studio scouting for talent so excuse me for being a bit excited about it all. Unfortunately, Simon Cowell is a bit too busy to attend right now. That said, we were approached by Britain’s Got Talent as part of their […]

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Make Stretching Part of Your Everyday Routine

two women stretching

Stretching is one of those really underrated areas of exercise and fitness that everyone knows they should do more of, but never find the time. It is daft really because most of the injuries we have, the stiffness we complain about, and the hindrances to progress we have to overcome would likely be gone if […]

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Sarah Myers: One Pole Dancer’s Story

sarah myers pole dancer

I started Pole Dancing in 2008, shortly before my 31st Birthday. I was generally unfit, and had no dance or gymnastic or even any real exercise background. If I’m being honest, I’ll admit that I hate exercising. I tried all sorts of exercise classes, but it was mostly because my friend Trina wanted to get […]

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Gainsborough Business Awards – Finalists for Customer Service

Gainsborough business awards finalists

Vertical Fitness & Vertical Joy are proud finalists at the Gainsborough Business Awards in the customer services category. We certainly would never have even dreamed of entering any award this year since we technically only opened two months ago! However, who are we to argue with our clients boldly putting us forward for an award […]

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Website Launch: Welcome to Vertical Joy & Vertical Fitness

vertical joy premises

It is finally website launch day! A very short blog just to say a huge thank you to everyone that has made Vertical Fitness and Vertical Joy a success. I was nervous starting out with my own place but I have some truly exceptional instructors supporting me and some extraordinary clients, friends and family that […]

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