Self Defence Infographic | Stats & Tips

self defence image of woman kicking bag

Following on from our recent self defence article we have put together a comprehensive infographic rammed with statistical facts, our top 10 pieces of advice and a diagram highlighting those vulnerable points to attack. We want to urge women to go out there prepared for anything because that could mean the difference between a horrifying […]

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Are you after a Beachbody? What does that take?

beach body meme with woman surfing on beach

At this time of year there is always so much emphasis on beach bodies that we wanted to make a few things clear for you. A beach body is not acquired 12 weeks prior to your holiday unless you suddenly throw everything you have plus the kitchen sink at it! You do not need a […]

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Self Defence – Be Prepared & Fight Back

self defence for women

The statistics for rape alone in England and Wales are really shocking with approximately 85,000 women and 12,000 men raped every year. That equates to 11 rapes every hour. The Ministry of Justice combined with the Office for National statistics and the Home Office, released those figures as part of An Overview of Sexual Offending […]

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Pole Dancing: Developing your own Fantastic Style

sexy pole dancer on pole

I have been pole dancing for 7 years. And yet it is only recently that I discovered that I have a pole dancing style.  About 12 months ago, me and a friend were practicing together in my home, and I noticed that the way she executed her moves was very different than the way I […]

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Why do we Exercise at all? Does it Work?

group exercise class using hand weights

Why Exercise at all? I have been a martial artist for thirteen years and a fitness instructor for five years. There is tons of information for people to digest these days – a little too much. This book delivers simple truths by dispelling some of the industry’s myths that refuse to go away. There have […]

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Make Sure Your Weight Loss Survives the Hype

weight loss top tips image

A lovely Infographic by a company called Revive Health Care all about weight loss, covering those top tips to keep you on track with those weight loss goals. It is not an easy journey and there are five aps here you can use to help keep you pushing towards those targets. There are also some lovely […]

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Exercise and Fitness Myths Busted Part 2

white text exercise myths part 2

The second part of the exercise and fitness myths blog brings you another 20 old wives tales to help you reassess your approach to fitness and nutrition in 2016. See if these will make an impact on your training moving forward and good luck clinging hold to those new year resolutions – if you can […]

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20 Fitness and Exercise Myths Exposed

white text exercise myths part 2

How can you spot those exercise myths and know you are getting the facts? It is the start of a brand new beautiful year so for many they are taking advantage of a clean slate and making some promises to themselves and their bodies. They will cut down their intake of sugar and fat and […]

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Interview: Talking Inspiration with Pole Dancer Sarah Scott

sarah scott workshop

The international instructor and performer needs little introduction. I could put that Sarah Scott is an XPERT Master trainer teaching workshops around the world, won Miss Pole Dance UK in 2012 as well as the Pro Drama category at Pole Theatre UK but ultimately the industry knows her as just a lovely person. Someone who […]

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Boxing Technique: Delivering The Perfect Punch | Part 2

young boxer punching

Here is the second half to the rather large piece on performing the perfect punch. These sections focus on the fitness work and strength training you need to put in to create that punch spot on time and time again. Enjoy! If you are interested in specific sections just use the contents to select them. […]

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