Interview With The Incredibly Slinky Sexy Sarah Blackmilk

Sarah popped by a few weeks ago now to roll around our floors and teach us all to embrace the spirit of the slinky. It was a fun, super well structured and really enjoyable trio of workshops. Sarah is such an intuitive instructor and brims with passion and patience in equal measure. The workshops are […]

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Cheerleading takes Gainsborough by Storm

Cheerleading takes Gainsborough by  Storm

Have you ever seen something and just thought ‘I want to try that?’ We, at the Vertical Studio often just want the opportunity to try things we’ve never done before. We’ve all seen the American High School based films where the cheerleaders have amazing moves, jumps, flips and tumbling passes and the high flying stunt […]

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Big Thank You For a Great Charity Day

charity day at vertical fitness & Vertical joy

We have said it quietly to everyone but we must say a big thank you to everyone that helped organise, bake for and attended the Macmillan coffee morning and AMMF Sports Day Afternoon. Special thanks to Vikki Laker for organising the day and coordinating everything. Her family were also out in force and made sure […]

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Vertical’s 1 Year Anniversary: The Highlights

When people say a lot can happen in a year they are bang on! 2015-2016 was an incredible year for Vertical Fitness & Vertical Joy and we have been seriously astounded and humbled by the people who have made it all possible. We would like to take this opportunity to go through some of our […]

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Pole Dancing: Developing your own Fantastic Style

sexy pole dancer on pole

I have been pole dancing for 7 years. And yet it is only recently that I discovered that I have a pole dancing style.  About 12 months ago, me and a friend were practicing together in my home, and I noticed that the way she executed her moves was very different than the way I […]

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Make Sure Your Weight Loss Survives the Hype

weight loss top tips image

A lovely Infographic by a company called Revive Health Care all about weight loss, covering those top tips to keep you on track with those weight loss goals. It is not an easy journey and there are five aps here you can use to help keep you pushing towards those targets. There are also some lovely […]

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Britain’s Got Talent Visits Gainsborough

Britain's Got Talent Logo

Well it is not everyday you can say that Britain’s Got Talent is visiting your studio scouting for talent so excuse me for being a bit excited about it all. Unfortunately, Simon Cowell is a bit too busy to attend right now. That said, we were approached by Britain’s Got Talent as part of their […]

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Sarah Myers: One Pole Dancer’s Story

sarah myers pole dancer

I started Pole Dancing in 2008, shortly before my 31st Birthday. I was generally unfit, and had no dance or gymnastic or even any real exercise background. If I’m being honest, I’ll admit that I hate exercising. I tried all sorts of exercise classes, but it was mostly because my friend Trina wanted to get […]

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Website Launch: Welcome to Vertical Joy & Vertical Fitness

vertical joy premises

It is finally website launch day! A very short blog just to say a huge thank you to everyone that has made Vertical Fitness and Vertical Joy a success. I was nervous starting out with my own place but I have some truly exceptional instructors supporting me and some extraordinary clients, friends and family that […]

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